"ISO" - a common acronym of classified/personal ads, meaning "in search of."

"iso-" - a prefix of Greek origin, meaning "equal" or "the same."

"i.s.o." - a comic about a repressed youth in search of a life equal to everyone else.

If I mentioned this was Another Gay Furry College Comic, you'd probably run away screaming.

Get BACK here!

But in all seriousness, that's one of the main themes of this comic. Perceptions. Expectations. You think you know what a gay furry college comic has in store for you, and that may be a bad thing or a good thing, but you never know what it really holds until you experience it. This is not to say I'm out to change your world view here--definitely not--but I'm trying for my own spin on the topic. Sure, there's plenty of soul-searching gay comics out there, so I wanted to focus not on the celebration of the lifestyle or the discovery of one's orientation, but rather the period of acceptance--or lack thereof. And yes, there's more than a smattering of autobiographical correlations written in.

Essentially, Cody is a college freshman who is, yes, gay, but overly wrapped up in what he thinks it means to be gay, and how the world would view him accordingly. So he's basically closeted himself to the point of quashing his personality and hiding behind a front of machismo, as that's what he thinks will show the world he's not "one of them." But as he meets several new faces at school, he'll learn how simply being himself means he may not necessarily fall into any of the popular stereotypes of being masculine/gay/neither. And he'll find out people like him just fine that way. Maybe even find him worth falling for.

Okay, okay, I know it sounds boring and heavy when I put it that way; I've always preferred the lighter side, so you can consider this more of a romantic comedy. Toss in Cody's overactive imagination, a lot of comic relief, even more fluff, even more beefy eye candy, my penchant for brain-bending visuals, and an ever-expanding cast of crazies, and it's all in good fun. Trust me. Australian dancer exchange students can make it so!

The comic is completed and fully available online in archives, but you might want to learn a bit more about it here before you go read it!

Thanks for your interest! Hope ya take a look around the rest of the site!