Just quick bios for now...

Cody Frost
A good guy at heart, but hides it behind machismo and gruffness.

Jake Packard
Irrepressibly perky, and unfortunately driven by his hormones.

Doug Hill
Cody's love interest, definitely the strong, silent type--or is he?

Jeff Cornwallis
The playful repairman who becomes Cody's mentor.

Tyrone Beltran
Cody's boss, an easy-going, acrobatic bartender.

Zach Hastings
Dumb as a brick and blindly goes along with Jake's shenanigans.

Todd Connors
Cody's old friend from high school, an all-American jock.

Sam Hill
As barmaid/manager and protector of her bro Doug, Cody must earn her respect.

Thor Grainger
The dorm gardener hates anyone who messes with his plants...which is everyone.

Becky Adams
Fortunately not all Cody's coworkers are hard to get along with.

Boris Hooks
Always being occupied with food makes one an excellent listener.