I'm camera-shy, so this is the best you'll get.

I'm sure I have a reputation for being mysterious and reclusive, but that's only because I'm a full-time accountant (yes, and artist/accountant) which keeps me pretty busy. I generally stay low-key online, so my Furaffinity account is the best way of reaching me right now, along with showcasing my other art.

There really isn't too much else to me, I'm honestly pretty boring. I've got the one hobby--art--and that's most of my spare time. It started when I was like six and hasn't let up. Interestingly, I started out drawing absolutely nothing organic, it was all vehicular (especially cars) and that was it. It never became a serious career goal or anything I trained in, just a lot of dabbling. Once the home-video craze took over I tried somewhat more realistic style of drawing humans and monsters, but cartooning didn't even cross my mind until college and discovering the internet. It pretty much required finding other adults unashamed of enjoying cartoons to spur me to try more stylized art.

The Class Menagerie was my first big project, which ran in various places online roughly from 1998 - 2002. Through that I've met numerous cool artists, so you may have seen my contributions/collaborations with buddies who run other online comics like Carpe Diem, Funny Farm, Newshounds, and the Suburban Jungle. I did get picked up as the artist for Buffalo Wings, created by John Nunnemacher (who, in an incredible case of full circle, was one of the first artists to get me into trying cartooning even though I only knew him through his work).  Then I ended up conceiving and finally launching i.s.o. around 2005. After that, who knows what?

For the record, yes, I'm gay (seriously, some people are still polite enough to ask rather than assume, so there you go). A lot of my mental twists and turns regarding my orientation are similar to Cody's, so this comic is a good amount of mental therapy, too.

I sure hope you're not expecting me to talk about my job. Nobody wants to hear about accounting!

Lastly, since it gets asked, no, I don't do commissions. I squeeze in other art around the comics randomly at my own whim, so whatever I end up tossing out on paper just kind of happens.

Nice to meetcha! I do make it to various conventions, if you're that intent on having me prove how boring I am...

I can guarantee I'll be slow at replying to e-mail (see above for alternative methods of contact), but if you must, use the address below: